Set the example

When you’re driving change, you don’t get to order people out onto a path you’ve never been on.  You must go first.

Going first can be scary, but it can also can be the best opportunity you’ve ever had to set the example.

You’re out in front, all alone and everyone is watching. Most people have to pay to gain that much attention.  You’re getting it for free by choosing to act, and act first.

So, march out ahead and set the example.

If you believe in mentoring, get a mentor (or several) and find a mentee (or several).

If you know that meetings that end on time or early are the best meetings to attend, then make your meetings end on time or early every time.

If you crave processes you can count on, then build routine into your routine and stick with it even when you don’t feel like it.

Set the example and drive your change.

1 thought on “Set the example”

  1. In those “scary” moments, I find comfort in knowing that the change I’m driving for is bigger than me. I know that I have to push my fears to the side to make the contribution I want to make.

    It’s not about you at all… it’s about everything else that you are representing: the people, the organization, the community.

    Leading teams, public speaking, and even making commitments can certainly be scary at times. In the bigger picture, those fears pale in comparison to the accomplishment that is yet to be made.

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