Ending and Beginning Again

Tomorrow we wrap up an 18-month run of a 36 member Guiding Coalition.  I’m in a state of contented bliss.  In my work, I watch people drive successful change and I watch them learn how to drive change anywhere in their lives.  It has been an honor to work with all of them, watch them grow, and grow with them.  You know, without them I wouldn’t have started this blog.

Want to know who they are and what they’re working on?  You can check out the link to videos of their mid-term presentations that I posted in April.  Since the presentations were taped in February, the teams have continued to work hard accomplishing either total wins or huge strides toward the win in all 36 of 36 attempts.

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate their wins and hear about the lessons they’ve learned in leadership and driving change. Then we’ll call their work complete.

Recently, I read that ownership is the demonstration of a set of behaviors of personal responsibility.  When someone is exhibiting ownership they will have a passion for their work, express enthusiasm on-the-job, drive for continuous improvement, learn from their mistakes and set the example.  For 18 months, these 36 people have set the example for how you should behave if you believe you own the future and must drive change to get there.

Congratulations to the members of the 2010 Guiding Coalition for all you’ve accomplished.

You’ve truly driven change and I am tremendously grateful.

We start all over again on October 1 when a new group of 36 becomes the next Guiding Coalition.  They’ll have the shoulders of giants to stand on, building on the 2010 Guiding Coalition.  Just imagine what we’ll accomplish in 2011.  I can hardly wait!

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