Everyone is Coachable

I’ve scrawled quotes on piles of index cards over the years.  Nearly every card has the quote plus the quote’s author, the book I got the quote from, and the page number the quote is featured on.  Note that I said nearly every card.  Why? Well, because this week’s quote comes from a card with no name, no book and no number; yet I’m sharing it none the less.  [Bonus points out there if anyone knows where this quote is from.]

Coaching is not giving direction; it is a way of being that sees others at their very best, confronts them with their gifts, talents, and potential; and then holds them accountable to living up to that potential.  When we approach others in this way, everyone is coachable.

Remember this quote when you’re driving change.

You’ll want to give direction, but shouldn’t.

You want to prevent all falls, but can’t.

Your job is to prepare the way, then let them drive.

They can’t be their best if you’re standing in front of them looking backward.

Instead, stand next to them, put a hand to their back, and encourage them on.

Let them drive change too.

[Secondary bonus points to anyone who posts a link to a consult/don’t consult conflict cloud! My version is buried in my work files somewhere and I’m too lazy tonight to draw a new one.]

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