Your thoughts – Sorbet

When you’re eating a fancy, many course meal and you’re offered sorbet, you’re being offered a palate cleanser.

A palate cleanser is a food used in the middle of the meal to remove lingering flavors from the mouth so that the next course may be enjoyed from a fresh perspective.

When you’re driving your way through a complex change or a difficult thought problem and you need a mental break, try a mental palate cleanser to remove those lingering thoughts preventing you from getting a fresh perspective on the change or problem.

I find my favorite mental palate cleansers are reading a silly book (or telling silly jokes) with my five-year-old daughter, cuddling my two-year-old son to sleep and watching a great movie with my hubby.  After each (and especially after an evening with all three) I can feel my mind cleared of lingering thoughts and ready for a fresh perspective (or a new blog post).

Do you have any mental palate cleansers you use?

Sorbet anyone?

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