Favorite Quotes (so far): Part 1

This week I’m going to recap my favorites from my Quote of the Week posts to date.  In the comments section you can nominate your favorites or nominate new quotes that I should post about.

These are not in any particular order

  • Real Progress, about turning around if the road you are on isn’t getting you nearer your goal
  • Meant to Shine, about feeling confident about being yourself in a world that is frightened by your light
  • Choose Freedom, about the power you unleash when people are free to follow you
  • I Still Shout, about not losing your will to fight even when no one seems to listen
  • Patience, about waiting until the time is right, but not sitting quietly by doing nothing in the meantime
  • Surplus of Meaning, about the importance of stories and metaphors when you’re leading people to a new place
  • Very Frustrated, about how you should admit your frustration to yourself and to your team and use that moment to re-energize your change

Join me again on Thursday for Favorite Quotes (so far): Part 2

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