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I love the internet.  Whenever I’ve had a rough day, I type in a search term that somehow describes what I’m feeling and the funniest stuff pops up.   Tonight I decided to look up “How to Find Your Way Out of Wet Paper Bag,” and I actually found a post telling me what to do; it’s genius!

If you haven’t already found this out, let me tell you something very important:

Some days are TRULY AWFUL days when you’re driving change.

Some days you’ll see years of effort wiped out in a moment.

Some days you’ll feel frustration so real that it’ll seem as if it is crawling up your back and gnawing at your neck while those people, with their pesky free will, just up and decide not to drive change anymore.

You’ll want to yell, scream and DRIVE PEOPLE!

Hey, where’s my change driving whip? I know I put it down over here somewhere…

(…I’m writing this next part as much for myself as I am for you…)

Don’t give in to the frustration.

Don’t let the setbacks get to you.

Don’t go for the whip.

Don’t drive people.

You know better than that.

Claw your way out of the wet paper bag…take a moment for yourself. Find another change driver; talk to them; vent.  If you can’t find someone you can always visit the rest of us change drivers here at the blog or on the Engine For Change Facebook page.  We’re all here for you. (Yes, I’m speaking for all of you now.)

Let’s stick together.

Let’s fight past the set backs, the frustrations, the bad days.

Let’s drive change together.

Why not try?

p.s. Yesterday, in contrast, was a fantastic day.  My first “Motivation Mapping: How to Drive Change” course was well received by my eight person audience.  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to push myself to create the training.  Thanks to Jim, Gary, their team and Anna Lee too for putting up with me for two-and-a-half hours.  From their comments, it seems they found the course well worth the investment of their time.

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