Seldom forgiven

People will often forgive you for being wrong when they are right; they will seldom forgive you for being right where they are wrong.” – Peter Kreeft, Philosophy 101 by Socrates

I speak from experience when I say that it will do you no good to point out to people how foolish they’ve been by driving people to change all these years.  They won’t like to hear it and they won’t like you much after they hear it.

Focus your eyes and theirs on the future.  Put the past behind and bury it there.  Today is a new day.  Help them choose to drive change from this day forward.  That choice alone will make a world of difference.

Tomorrow I teach my first Motivation Mapping course.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll convince ten people to start driving change.  I’ve posted the course handouts at the newly renamed Motivation Mapping page.  E-mail me at the new account if you’d like to receive the facilitator notes as well.

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