Flash Point

Change, even rapid change, happens as a progression not a flash from one behavior to the next.

First someone gets excited, energized, or fired-up about the change.

Then they invest their time to raise the temperature of those around them, talking up the change, walking the talk, and more.  Their coworkers and friends get excited and they get others excited and, if you can keep the heat building, the change spreads.

No flash.  No waiting for just the right moment.  Just little bursts of energy from one to another to another.

We’ll make better change in our organizations when we stop pretending in the alignment myth of “it takes time” delayed results and “just right” situations.

Today is the right situation to raise the energy in yourself and those around you.

We can flash to steam, put on quite a show, and draw crowds to our change, but first we’ll heat up one at a time.

Will you lend your energy to something important this week?  Why not try?

Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, 2010



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