Wow! What a busy day…launched GC Drive week training, kept my voice going throughout the day (something that was not a given before the day began) and had great participation from the class all day.  Then I took a quick trip to Seattle to meet up with like thinkers (Michael Cheveldave, Hilbert Robinson, Steve Holt, and more).  Now I’m home and my head is aching, so no big post tonight.


1.  Big thanks go out to Rogue Polymath (aka Jay Johnson) for creating the tag #GCdrive to follow on Twitter over the next two days.  Check out the feed now to see what was covered so far.

2. Captured this thought during my ferry ride home.  It screams for its own cartoon.

Q: What’s a surefire way to tell someone has tricked themselves into thinking complex problems are simple?

A: They give you a list of problem categories to choose from and one of the choices is OTHER.

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