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The theme for today’s link fuel is building a tribe and being worthy of their loyalty.

  • Stories about letting a few people get to love you up close and how “getting to pay for music” wins over “having to pay for music”. (H/T @skholt)

  • Are you worthy of being a List 2 person? How to be a person of influence. (H/T @roguepolymath)
  • The theme makes me think of moments with your true friends that I’ll never forget.  One moment springs to mind and lucky-for-me I have a photo to go along with it.  This is the photo of the day Hilbert (my Yoda) met my oldest daughter Helen.  Hilbert and I had worked closely together throughout my pregnancy. Helen had apparently been listening in on our conversations the whole time.  How could we tell? As soon as she heard Hilbert’s voice that day she picked up her wee little head and turned her face right toward him.  Savvy readers will note just how long ago it was (8 years) by the presence of both a flip phone and PDA on the table.  How times flies!


  • My pal Rex refuses to heed my warnings about his bad habit of video blogging while driving, yet that shouldn’t stop you from checking out his new site at


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