Nothing Better

There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.” – Jean Jacques Rousseau

I was gone last week beginning a new adventure, really a new era of my life: the era of part-time consulting.

I began this new era at the encouragement of several good friends.  I’d name you, but you’re all too humble for that.

Thank you to every one of you who pushed me to try, who dared me to be my best, and who cheered me on past the little bit of doubt that once slipped in.

It was an amazing week filled with remarkable, memorable people.  I’ll always treasure the memories of this first trip.

Now, to out myself as a shameless copycat.  After having watched the world-hopping twitter streams of @skholt and @snowded as they’ve compared their vast collections of world locale Starbucks mugs, I found myself standing in the Dallas Starbucks amidst a dilemma.  Would I or wouldn’t I start my own mug collection to commemorate the cities I visit as I travel around consulting?

Here’s the evidence of my decision.


I admit it.  Sometimes, I’m a shameless copycat.  I thought that since I only found @snowded via @skholt, I might as well keep the stream of copying going.  Thanks, gentlemen, for the grand idea for a new collection.  I do enjoy copying you both.


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