Starting fresh

It’s always wonderful to watch a group of people passionate about making their organization better come together to choose the course for their change.

Today was that day for my local Guiding Coalition, our annual off-site event.

Now, pointed toward their new course, they can begin to create the changes they want to see.

The soap box presentations that I mentioned last week went wonderfully well, adding heart to the conversation.

The participants were excited and engaged, regularly mentioning their passion for their work and their commitment to the future vision.

All-in-all, it was a lovely day.

Now the work can begin.

I’m so excited to watch them start fresh.

No one knows now what they’ll accomplish during the next year, but I bet it will be a pile of wonderous, marvelous wins.

2012 Guiding Coalition: Let’s get started.

If you can’t participate in our Guiding Coalition, then what can you do with your change?

If you’re feeling stagnant and frustrated, try bringing your remaining passionate people together, assisting them as they plot a new course, and help them start again toward the change.

There is a magic surrounding beginning a new journey, even if it is really just an extension of one you’ve already been on.

Why not try?

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