What do they see?

When people in your organization look at you as a change agent, what do they see?

That depends a lot on your organizational culture.

Do people value innovation, speed, creativity, partnerships, networks, and results?  They might (just might) notice you driving change.

Do they value repeatability, consistency, history, and hierarchy?  They might not notice you at all.

So what?  Are you driving change to be noticed or to get results?

Driving change is actually a funny inversion of the typical organizational rules.

Driving people requires organizational, positional, adversarial power to whip those others into obeying.

Driving change requires willpower, joy and optimism for you to believe in yourself enough to start a change when no one else is noticing.

You can make a difference, starting today if only you’ll worry less about what they see and more about what you do.

Why not try?  You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish.

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