Accelerating Change

Authorization Tiers

Are you struggling with how to enact empowerment in a project? Want a framework to help you have an effective conversation about how to integrate empowerment with development and teamwork?  Try this new framework I’ve put together, merging my work and David Marquet’s Ladder of Leadership. The Authorization Tiers debuted publicly at the New Trends

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Chief Acceleration Officer

The future is today! In July 2000, Fast Company published a Job Titles of the Future: Chief Acceleration Officer. A quick search shows at least four people who have held this title: Lloyd Walker at Human Code (featured in the article above) Todd Farrell at the University of British Columbia Marjorie Smelstor at Truman Medical Center

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Separate Questions

What you choose to change and how you choose to change are two separate questions. The first question is best answered by the people who are closest to the work. The second question is best answered in partnership with a professional who has studied and implemented rapid change techniques. It is important to celebrate what

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