This is a post for all the Guiding Coalition alumni.

I’m pleased to announce the launch of John Kotter’s newest book, Accelerate.

Accelerate is our book.  It tells our story.

This is a book about pioneers, for pioneers.” – John Kotter, Accelerate

That is the first line of the book and it says a lot.  In Accelerate, John Kotter shares with the world the pioneering work you’ve done over the last eight years.  In 2010, when he visited our Guiding Coalition, Dr. Kotter said, “The world needs to see this.”  Well, now they can.

The content of the book won’t be a new journey for you, but rather a fond welcome home to the habits you long ago learned and perfected.  In the fond welcome home there are glimpses of a good friend many haven’t seen in a long time.  In the preface, Dr. Kotter thanks Dennis Goin.  You’ll catch reflections of Dennis throughout the text.

I remember vividly the day many years ago when Dennis stopped by my office, sat down quickly, and eyes big and joyful announced that soon he would meet Dr. Kotter and potentially partner with him.  I’m overjoyed to see what success they made of their partnership.  Accelerate should lead to a rethinking of modern organizations, and for that we will all be better off.

I confess; I’m impatiently waiting for more of you to read the book so we can compare our impressions.  My impatience led me to get the Kindle version (only $11.99) so I could read it immediately.  Why not buy it now too?  Because the message will be so wonderfully familiar, you’ll quickly devour the book.

You created positive changes in the Guiding Coalition.  You led when others thought the tasks impossible.  You spread happiness, hope, and joy.

You should be proud of the fact that you’ve helped shape a book that should help reshape the world.  You truly are pioneers.

Believe it, and keep driving your changes. Why not try

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