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Are you curious about what is written on the next line? If you’re reading this, then your curiosity must have driven you to find out. I know it only took a very slight eye movement, but you still could have chosen to stop reading and go do something else.  And if you finish reading this

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Why a wiki?

Many large organizations are trying to figure out how to manage the knowledge of their organization. Why not turn to a wiki? Here’s a few graphics I worked up to show the benefits of a wiki.  Just click on the image to get the full size view. Enjoy.

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Drains and Radiators

I’m not huge fan of Oprah, and would never consider her an authority on plumbing components. Still, I was recently inspired something she said. She expressed regret over not realizing earlier in life to separate the drains from the radiators. Drains are people who only take from you. They do this by always being negative,

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Drive Out Fear

Drive out fear, so that everyone may work effectively for the company” – W. Edward Deming statistician and quality expert Deming firmly believed that fear was a huge obstacle to creating positive change inside of organizations. So much so that the above quote represents #8 in his 14 principles of a System of Profound Knowledge.

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Welcome Andrea!

On Wednesday I’m off for my first vacation in a very, very long time. For all my Input strength readers (and all the rest), I couldn’t leave you without any delicious new content to devour, so I’ve made arrangements. I’m pleased to welcome Dr. Andrea Shapiro, author of Creating Contagious Commitment, as the first Engine

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