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Kotter introduces Accelerate

I’m excited to share with you a recent video from John Kotter describing his Accelerate model and why it is desperately needed today. I’ve been privileged to lead a transformational change group leveraging this model for the past six years.  It works. It’s amazing.  I’m glad the world is finally getting a chance to see […]

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Want To Be

Do you want to be led or do you want to be told? Leaders set examples. Followers model the example to others. Dictators bark orders. Serfs obey. Are you a leader, a follower, a dictator or a serf? What do you want to be?  

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This is hard

Did you know that writing a blog is hard? It is…sometimes anyway. Tonight I wrote two posts that  just weren’t good enough to give to you yet. Now what do I do, when my mind is wrung out and when I don’t want to think about change and organizations and frustrations and joys for a

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Your time has come

Ahead of one’s time: Fig. having ideas or attitudes that are too advanced to be acceptable in the present.: – so says the idioms portion of thefreedictionary.com I’ve blogged about time a lot here at Engine For Change. In fact, of the 418 posts, 181 contain some reference to time.  That’s 43%. Yet, I don’t

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Winning joyfully

You haven’t really lived John Kotter’s 8 steps for leading change until you’ve experienced Step 6: Generating Short Term Wins. If you haven’t experienced it, let me share a bit of what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like. You open your e-mail to find your inbox a buzz with messages darting back and

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The One Man Show

Think back to the last few times you’ve found out about a problem at work.  Which of these statements did you hear: Option 1: We’ve assigned a team to fix the problem Option 2: We’ve found volunteers who’ve formed a team to fix the problem Option 3: We’ve assigned a person to fix the problem

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Claim small wins

Today I read a story about Gallup’s new book about the quest for personal happiness, Well Being: The Five Essential Elements. In the book, Tom Rath and James K. Harter share Gallup’s worldwide research on personal wellbeing, reducing the extensive data to five broad categories: Career Wellbeing Social Wellbeing Financial Wellbeing Physical Wellbeing Community Wellbeing

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It could take a decade

Not all changes take a decade, but some do. Today, Maria Finch (a thoroughly amazing woman) and I accepted YWCA Women of Achievement Awards for our work as Child Care Network co-leads. What’s that mean? We were the 2009 leaders of a fabulous team of women and men committed to expanded child care in our

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