This is hard

Did you know that writing a blog is hard? It is…sometimes anyway.

Tonight I wrote two posts that  just weren’t good enough to give to you yet.

Now what do I do, when my mind is wrung out and when I don’t want to think about change and organizations and frustrations and joys for a few small hours between putting my kids to bed, writing this post, sleeping, and waking up to do it all again tomorrow?

I think I’ll encourage you to be curious about one thing this weekend.  Maybe you’ll be curious about more than one, but make sure it is at least one.

Maybe you don’t see yourself as the curious sort, but try to will yourself into being of that sort for a brief weekend.

Turn over some rock and see what bugs crawl out.  Flip open some book or magazine and see what idea sticks to the front of your brain.  Talk to one person (either a new person or a familiar person in a new way).  Let your fascination mind lead, if only for a little while. I wish you a happy journey as you follow it along.

On that note:

Fair winds and following seas to Rear Admiral (RDML) Mark Whitney as he departs Bremerton upon completing his tour as Commander, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF).  Soon, he moves on to a position in the Naval Sea Systems Command back in Washington, DC.

As clear as it was yesterday, I can remember standing in his old office back in the Washington Navy Yard.  It was early 2007 and he hadn’t yet received orders to report to PSNS & IMF for command.  Together we talked about the grand possibilities of a command tour and what leading from the field would look like.   For the last four years, it was my honor to sit near and watch RDML Whitney lead from the field and play a small role in making that time memorable for him.  (See the photo below of him with Dr. Kotter – a highlight moment in 2010.)












As he transitions to his new duties, he’s got lots of road ahead of him.  I know he’ll drive a lot of change and we’ll all be better for it.

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