Welcome to Engine for Change!

Welcome to Engine-For-Change.com, my new weblog and site for all things related to helping you drive the personal, community or workplace change you want.  In the coming days, weeks, months, years (eek!) I’ll tell you stories, share thoughts and insights, and–I hope–keep you coming back to read more.

Welcome to all my old friends and my co-workers.  Now we’ll finally have a place to store all those stories I tell you over and over again.

Welcome to all new arrivals.  I hope you’ll find some information here worth using and worth sharing.  I can’t promise genius (for that see Seth Godin’s blog), just a willing and open heart committed to sharing what I’ve found works in making the best of my workplace, community, family and me.

Let’s get started.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Engine for Change!”

  1. Well April, aint you all that! What perfect timing. Thank you. I’ll read your blog and I’ll get that book. Focusing on strengths is something I need to do right now. Yet another good reason you are in my life.

  2. Great question Ralph. Actually, it’s more the story that someone new is added to a team and to bring the person up to speed with the terms the rest of us are throwing around we tell the stories again. With the blog, any of the team members will be able to send someone here to look through the terms tag and catch themselves up quickly. It’ll be a win/win. If you can’t remember the story you can find it and if you want the story you can get it. Once we return in the new year I’ll figure it out for sure.

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