Improvement is doubly possible

When you’re driving change, you’ll want to remember this quote:

Improvement is doubly difficult when individual habit is reinforced by group inertia.

It comes from the Navy Correspondence Manual and it’s referring to writing official letters, memos and recommendations.  But, to me it means so much more.

Say you’re the first person in your work team, civic organization or company that chooses to drive change instead of drive people to change. Will it be easy to drive change?


Will you feel pulled by the behavior of others around you to stop focusing on wins and removing obstacles and instead spend meeting after meeting blaming those “others” who won’t change?


But, just because it is doubly difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Some days it’ll feel like a solo battle and others there will be an army (no Navy disrespect intended) with you.

Try instead this affirmation:

Improvement is doubly possible when individual habit shows the group where new inertia will lead them.

Be the new inertia.  Show the others around you what’s possible.

Write better if you like (Chapter 3 of the Correspondence Manual is a great place to start).

Drive change if you’re willing.

You’ll love both…I promise!

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