Minutes and Hours

You’ll save yourself hours of effort and years of frustration if you publish minutes for all your team meetings.

Minutes include:

  • Who attended
  • What topics you discussed
  • What decisions you made
  • Who will take action (and by when)
  • When you’ll meet again

[I like to use a standard format, with a fixed font and set of typical headers and footers, but I’m a detail freak for those sorts of things.]

Your minutes can be rough, can be fragments instead of sentences and can only be kept in a 3-ring binder in your office, but they are an invaluable record of your team’s work.

When you’re questioned, when you’re praise or when you’re ignored you’ll have your minutes to remind you, celebrate you and keep you claiming your forward momentum.

Don’t ignore your minutes.  Your hours invested are too important not to document.

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