My graduation, first from high school, then from college.  My wedding day.  The birth of my first, second, third, then fourth child.  These were the days I’ve looked forward to most in my life.  After those moments, I was most looking forward to today: the day I became a published author.  I’ve been looking forward to this day for at least the last ten years, maybe the last fifteen.  Now that it’s here, I’m finding it hard to contain my joy.

Everyone is a Change AgentI love books.  I love authors. I love change agents.  Today, my passions were merged with the publication of Everyone is a Change Agent.  You can get the book in paperback right away at my online store. 

Thank you to so many people who helped make today happen.

To my husband and kids who share me with my passion for sharing the message of successful change.  Special thanks to Ted for letting me both tell stories about him and write the book from his hospital room this June.

Thanks to all the people who reviewed the early copies of the book: Joe Bradley, Julia Bulacio, Colette Berna, Roxanne Bryson, Scott Button, Adam Cetnerowski, Mike Doyle, Rolf Goetz, Steve Holt, Jay Johnson, Danuta Luczak-Wieczorek, Giuseppe Miccoli, Lesley Artyn Nolan, Rae Anne Randall, Jean Richardson, Hilbert Robinson, Andrea Shapiro, Gabriela Simone, Rhea Stadick, Rebekah Uhtoff, Mike Wellborn, and Sunny Wheeler.

Thanks to Mike Hannan and Dan Diamond for teaching me how to publish.

Thanks to Maureen Hannan for being my amazing copy editor.

Thanks to everyone at Bremerton Beyond Accessible Play for creating a playground and a story I love to tell over and over.

Thanks to John Kotter, Dennis Goin, and the Guiding Coalition members at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF).

Thanks to the members of Nuclear Engineering and Planning Department at PSNS & IMF (or at least the people who were there 10+ years ago when I was making such a mess of creating change).

And, finally, thanks to Bob Steinmetz for always (and I mean ALWAYS) asking me, “When are you going to write your book?”

You have my lifelong gratitude.

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