The Ferguson Zone

Last May, in a post called “Joy is More Powerful Than Fear” I introduced you to the power curves, that shows the powerful difference between a personal “get to” driving change commitment and a forced “have to” driving people approach.

Today, it was my pleasure to present an award to a man who, when one of last year’s teams hit that WIN! point, stepped forward volunteering to make their win truly successful for everyone in the work area.

When Mr. Ferguson learned that his work area was receiving a computerized inventory system, he volunteered to set up the system.  Since that first moment, he moved quickly to get the system serving his group. Every day since he has innovated to make the system even more effective.  He’s doing all of this on top of his normal duties willingly and joyfully because he sees the benefit to himself and everyone else if he gets to make this work.  And, wow is it ever working!  I wish each of you could see it and meet Mr. Ferguson.  You’d be changed by his example.

In his honor, I’m going to start calling the sustainment portion of the power curves the Ferguson Zone so I can tell his story and encourage others to choose to be just like him. You can be like Mr. Ferguson:

  • Choose the change for yourself.
  • Commit your best to the project.
  • Do it because it matters.
  • Demonstrate that it matters to others.
  • Watch them join you and support you.
  • Watch the joy spread.

All that to say, “Be like Mr. Ferguson.  Drive some change today!”

2 thoughts on “The Ferguson Zone”

  1. Great post April. Mr. Ferguson has been both a mentor, supervisor and a peer to me during my career. We’ve worked together since the late 1980’s. He has always been an example to others for his solid work ethic, his attitude, and his nature works well with others in any situation. I knew early in my career that I had been “changed by his example”.
    BTW – Great visual!

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