The Gift of Learning


If we changed the ways we talk about learning, would people would try to learn more?

Too often I hear people say, “What training should we give them?” or “What learning should we provide them?”

Why aren’t we saying, “We’re going to do X in our organization.  I learned about how to do X at….and so can you.”

It seems we’ve suppressed people’s natural urge to understand the world in front of them by constantly feeding them a diet of what they “need to know” or what we want them to know.

I wonder: Does the wave of “need to know” learning pushed on us take up the time we’d use for “want to know” learning?

I haven’t figured out which way the causal arrows flow yet, but I’m trying to think my way through it.

I’m thinking my way through it because I want to know and I’m not going to wait for someone to provide the knowledge to me.

What are you not learning because you’re waiting to be taught?

What don’t you know because you’ve been waiting to be told?

Look up at the tagline for this blog.  “Stop waiting. Start driving the change you want.”

Let’s modify that for the day to: “Stop waiting.  Start learning the things you want.”

What do you think?

photo credit: Creative Commons License Robert S. Donovan via Compfight

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