Cargo cult

If you don’t know what the term cargo cult means, you must. The stylized version of the story behind the term goes something like this: During World War II the Americans arrived on a Pacific island to build a supply station. On this island was a native population.  When the Americans arrived the natives watched

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Why should I focus on my communication skills?

Because in every field–and especially in technical fields–you will stand out most if you are both competent in your field and credible in your communications. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Engineering, students can add a Technical Communications Certificate to their degree.  While I was at Wisconsin I cheerfully completed the Technical Communication Program

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Can you find 1,000 people?

Seth Godin lays down a challenge:  Can you organize 1,000 people committed to your cause, product, or interest? If you could, imagine what you could do. If you couldn’t name 100 let alone 1,000 people, don’t fear.  Start small.  Besides, not all change requires 1,000. If you own a business in a competitive market, 1,000

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Welcome to Engine for Change!

Welcome to, my new weblog and site for all things related to helping you drive the personal, community or workplace change you want.  In the coming days, weeks, months, years (eek!) I’ll tell you stories, share thoughts and insights, and–I hope–keep you coming back to read more. Welcome to all my old friends and

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