On my adoration for Admiral Rickover

My friends in the nuclear power program always liked to pick on me because of my intellectual love affair with the nuclear navy’s founder, Admiral H. G. Rickover.  Though I would fain hurt feelings during their sessions of teasing, I really didn’t mind.  I have many people who I intellectually adore, Rickover chief among them and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

For a Rickover fan such as me, the new, nearly two hour film, Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power, was my Star Wars Episode VII.  It is currently offered free to those with an Amazon Prime subscription, so watch it today.

Why is it an important film for change agents?  Because it shows the real challenges a change agent faces as they try to remake the world.  Rickover faced more than most and his story shatters many novice change agent’s beliefs that the path toward their change should be smooth.  It will not be.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.  Rickover sacrificed more than most and accomplished things beyond all expectations. He has left a legacy that continues to benefit us to this day.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of his death.  An entire generation has grown up and gone to sea without ever knowing a world with him in it.  I was grateful to be part of the program he started, if only for a short time.  I continue as a change agent in the shadow of his example, and I’m grateful to dwell in it.

I won’t ruin the great scenes of the movie for you.  Watch it.  Then, check out these old Engine For Change posts that tell some of the stories applied to driving change.  May his example challenge you and change you in some small way.  Why not try?

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