Bending the Organization to Our Will in 2016

In our modern world, organizations are routinely bending nature to their will for our benefit.

Yet, this control doesn’t transfer to the routines of organizational life.  We plan project portfolios using metrics we know aren’t effective, conduct annual performance appraisals that achieve little, and spend months to fill vacancies even though candidates are readily available.

We can do better.  All we need to do is classify the obstacle in way of reaching our goal.

  • A personal belief
  • An organizational rule (written or unwritten)
  • A regulatory policy
  • A law

I have yet to find an obstacle that couldn’t be moved a little or a lot once it was classified.

In 2016, name what is holding you back.  Then, go remove it.  The world you want is possible.

Why not try?

I covered this same topic in a slightly different way back in 2012 in a post, “Which Rules to Follow – A Story.”

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