Who gets to make a difference?

…the person who tries, fails and tries again.

At work last week we celebrated the success of an issue I’d been working on for nine years.

Some wins come quickly.  Some don’t.

For those hard to achieve changes, the only way to someday win is by being willing to try, fail and try again.

For a current events reference: Look at the New Orleans Saints. The franchise is over 40 years old and only now are they on their way to their first Super Bowl. For the first few decades, Saint’s players endured one losing season after another, yet they knew the only way to win the Super Bowl someday was to keep playing.

You can make a difference.

Are you going to?

Why not try?

1 thought on “Who gets to make a difference?”

  1. Often, those who strive daily to make a difference do not see that difference. It can be discouraging. Fortunately, the mode of behavior becomes automatic and when, some time later, the effort does pay off, it can be surprising and wonderful.

    On a personal level, I had a number of these pay offs in the last six months. It helps to keep one focused while in the trenches.

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