Captured Moments

Each person learns differently, so I know poking around the old posts on this site might not be for you. Why not learn more about Driving Change via several videos captured over the past two years? My April K. Mills YouTube channel has links to many of the videos of my speeches from the past two years around the world.

If you’ve only got time to watch one or two, may I suggest Choosing Change from Agile By Example in Warsaw, Poland in 2015 and Upcycle Your Change from the Intel Agile & Lean Development Conference in 2014.

For my union friends, the keynote from Gdansk, Poland called Driving Change was delivered from the stage at the European Solidarity Center.  The European Solidarity Center is an amazingly haunting tribute to the strength of ordinary people who unite to change the world.  Speaking from the stage there truly moved me.  It’s a memory I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

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